Body Language the Truth Behind the Lies

October 8, 2009

Sad as it is, people rarely speak the truth about their real feelings. We cover up our true feelings with white lies and fake smiles. Our body language, however, gives us away.

The way you smile, shake someone’s hand, stand tells many revealing things about yourself. I recently came across an article about body language. The really interesting bit was the article mentioned something that I had recently experience.

I have been doing lots of interviews to find myself a “day job.” I had an interview with an interesting fellow. When a person is talking to you normally they may look away or blink every once in a while at least. This particular interview the person did none of this. This is an uncommon form of intimidation. That piercing gaze slashing away every ounce of my protective layers.

The person knew that they could easily break down, whomever they wanted to. To my chagrin I remained calm, but knew all too well later I would not get this job. This was ok because I had a back up plan.

I read the body language to figure immediately what would be told to me later in a professional polite way. I was let down very easily.

The stiff poker face hides the discomfort of a person’s true feelings. Spared the anguish of a blunt and uncomfortable situation. People learn to mask their true feelings to not hurt others. Body language is and will always stay the only truth reason here.


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