Getting your Name out there

October 4, 2009

I have read so much information about websites I don’t know where to begin. First off, I noticed that you can buy a service to promote traffic to your website. I just had to do some research, because I’d noticed that a lot of things are actually free and everyone is in line to charge a fee for those services and make a quick buck. These SEO services run about 25.00 to get your website on a sitemap with say Google for instance. Then people come to your site.

I’ve read some interesting things about this. Some of these services are actually too aggressive and can get you blocked from these sitemaps. One such company, which I won’t mention the name since they have good lawyers, did just that. Then had the nerve to sue a person that wrote an article about the case.

I Googled sitemap and found there is a free service to send your website without using these services. I’m not sure of the time frame to get my site recognized, but I will definitely keep you posted.


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